Kipley ‘Qasim’ Curnutt – imam@icmorgantown.org

Qasim Curnutt was first introduced to Islam as a child by a classmate and friend from Afghanistan. This encounter has a lasting impact on him and his interest in Islam was sparked again in his early 20s leading to his conversion. Since then he has dedicated his ice to learning and teaching Islam and participating in the American Muslim community. He currently lives in Morgantown, WV with his wife Saba their two children.

Board of Trustees
Abdalla Ibrahim – BOT Chair
Osama Al-Omar
Anas Diab

Executive Committee
Moustafa Meky – President – president@icmorgantown.org
Nawfal Saaid – Secretary
Moustafa Meky – Treasurer – treasurer@icmorgantown.org
Ibrahim E – Public Relations Coordinator
Gbrel Albkwre – Maintenance Coordinator
Mohammad Alkandari – Religious Coordinator
Natarianto Indrawan ‘Al Qarni’ – Social Coordinator -social@icmorgantown.org

Sunday School
Asmaa Ibrahim – Chair
Sarah Tarabishi – Secretary
Marwah Sheqfeh – Curriculum Adviser
Abdel Rahman Almasrahi – Treasurer
Ahmad Hanif – Principal – apm112@gmail.com