Eid Al Adha prayer and party 2022

Salam brothers and sisters,

In sha Allah our Eid Al Adha prayer and party will be held in Hazel Ruby community center in Mylan park as the last Eid on Saturday July 9th 2022;

The Program is as follows:

8:30AM- 9:15AM takbeerat
9:15-9:45AM Eid prayer
9:45AM-12:00PM open play/socialising/food

Please bring a dish or sweets to share with the community.


Also, we will have a community iftar in the masjid on the day of Arafat Friday July 8th and all are invited to break our fasting together at Maghreb in sha Allah;

Finally, our Eid Al Adha picnic would be in East Park in Fairmont on Sunday July 17 and more information would be provided on time in sha Allah.

Moustafa Meky
The ICM president