Eid with Elbows greetings

The EC is pleased to announce that the Eid prayer will be in Mylan park indoor basketball court this Thursday in sha Allah 

 Location address:  111 Mylan Park Ln, Morgantown, WV 26501

The program:

  • 8:30AM Takberaat 
  • at 9 AM  Eid prayer
  • 9:30AM-11AM 
    Chatting, eating, and spending time together as one big family.
  • We encourage the community to bring sweets, food, drinks, etc. 
  • Please bring your own rug for the prayer in addition to wearing the masks.
  • Please keep our Covid policy in place in terms of distancing all time, no hugging, no kissing, and use elbows greetings.
  • As usual,  donation boxes will be available.
  • This year our community will have an Eid picnic.

This is our day, Eid day, and let’s enjoy the day.

Eid Mubarak