Friday Prayer Change and New Programs

As salaamu’ alaikum, the ICM has a couple announcements.

Friday Prayer Change

In sha Allah starting this Friday, June 11th, there will only be one Friday prayer at 1:30PM with no registration required. All brothers and sisters must still wear masks and keep distanced all time.

New ICM Programs

In sha Allah, starting today, Monday June 7th, 2021, the ICM is offering the following programs inside the masjid for both brothers and sisters of all ages:

• Mondays:
1) Arabic Class by imam Kip at 7:30PM

• Fridays:
1) Youth Quran by imam Kip after Asr prayer
2) Halqa by Dr. Abou Amin between Maghreb and Isha

• Sundays:
1) Quran Tajweed by Sh. Ahmed Mashta after Zuhr prayer
2) Fiqh Class by imam Kip after Maghreb prayer

The ICM will offer two more programs next month in sha Allah.