Fundraiser Results

Dear brothers and sisters;

On behalf of the ICM, we are very grateful to every sister and brother who attended the fundraising on Wednesday night to support the masjid; we also grateful to every volunteer who helped us to run the event;

We couldn’t achieve our goal to raise at least $125,000 because many brothers and sisters didn’t have the chance to attend the event;

We raised $85,000 and we are in short of $40,000, keep in mind the required budget is around $178,000;

We are asking the brothers and sisters who didn’t attend the event to pick up a pledge form tomorrow, and fill it out and give it to any EC members. Also, you could donate cash and/or write a check and give them to any EC members to see how much money we would raise, since we have brothers want to match the newly collected donations;

We would distribute the pledge forms and receive any donations right after Isha tomorrow in sha Allah.

We ask Allah to bless and protect our community and we are looking forward to seeing you all this coming Monday morning for the Eid prayer and party in the indoor basketball court in Mylan Park (details will be provided later).

You can also donate online at

Moustafa Meky
The ICM president