Muslim Youth Retreat

Salam brothers and sisters,

This coming Winter break, we will be hosting a new program called Muslim Youth Retreat!

Starting on December 24th until December 27th, we will be having a getaway program for our youth. The topic is: Stories of the Prophets.

Each day, we will start by praying the Dhur prayer together and end with praying Maghrib prayer together. In between, we’ll talk about different prophets, learn important lessons, create friendships, play games, and enjoy food!

This program is open to kids 5 to 18 years old and we highly encourage you to participate in this retreat.

Let’s take advantage of the time off from school and give our children a memory they’ll remember and cherish!

Register at the following link:

We are also in need of volunteers. Anyone who can volunteer should reach out to Imam Vajid.