New and Upcoming Activities

Salam brothers and sisters,

The activities for the next few days are as follows:

Friday Nov. 5th and every Friday

  • 6:00pm – 7:45pm, MYM Islamic discussion for young adults.
  • 8:15pm – 9:30pm, Halqa by Dr. Abou Amin for both brothers and sisters.

Saturday Nov. 6th and every Saturday

  • After Duhr Prayer, Quran Halqa for men for all ages right by Sh. Ahmad Mashta.

Sunday Nov. 7th

  • The first community day starts right after Maghreb prayer (around 5:20PM) until Isha (8PM)

Monday Nov. 8th and every Monday

  • 6:30pm – 8:00pm, Pure Prayer class by Imam Vajid
    The class is focusing on the following:
    1) How to pray
    2) Understanding all of the Arabic within the prayer
    3) how to achieve the best concentration in the prayer

Wednesday Nov. 10th and every Wednesday

  • Tafsir class by Imam Vajid
    We will start with surah Fatihah
    then some of the fiqh of the prayer and discuss how best to make Dua


  1. Fajr prayer will be 30 minutes after Athan starting this Fajr Sunday.
  2. For Friday prayer, please use the spot that has the red tape and start from the front rows and please bring your own prayer rugs.
  3. Please try to attend the activities to keep these activities.
  4. In sha Allah, we will add the following classes in the near future:
    1. weekly youth class by imam Vajid
    2. weekly Arabic grammar course 1
    3. weekly lecture to new Muslims and non-Muslims

Moustafa Meky
The ICM president