Meet The Imam

Imam Vajid Pathan currently serves as the Director of Religious Affairs at the Islamic Center of Morgantown. Previously, he was the Youth Director at the Farmington Valley American Muslim Center. He was also a guest lecturer and khateeb in various masjids and centers across Connecticut and Massachusetts.

His Background

Imam Vajid was born and raised in the state of Connecticut. After completing a year and a half at the University of Connecticut, he was accepted to study at the Islamic University of Madina.

Imam Vajid received a diploma in the Arabic language after completing a two year program. He then received a bachelors degree from the Islamic University of Madina graduating from the College of Islamic Law (Shariah). His focus was in Islamic Law (Fiqh) and Principles of Islamic Law (usool al-fiqh). He has also studied subjects such as exegesis (tafsir), theology (aqeedah), the Prophetic tradition (Hadith) and the Prophetic Biography (Seerah). Imam Vajid has also received certification from the Prophet’s Mosque, Al-Masjid An-Nabawi, in the science of Islamic inheritance law.

His Statement

“I grew up in a place that either had no Imam, or a non-english speaking Imam that I could barely understand. I decided that the next generation would not lack what I didn’t have access to. There are a number of issues affecting American Muslims that Muslims from other countries may not fully understand. I’m here to bridge that gap. No matter where I go, I intend to improve that place for the better. I want to be a beacon of hope and a resource for everyone that walks through our masjid doors.