Funeral Procedures

In the case of a death, please follow these steps:

  1. Find out from the hospital when the body of the deceased can be released.
  2. Contact the Imam.
    1. Inform him of the death of the family member.
    1. Inform him of when the body can be released.
  3. Choose a funeral home where the body can be washed.
    1. ICM has a discounted price with Smith Funeral & Cremation Care
    2. Their phone number is: 304) 292-9494
  4. A group of volunteers will be assigned to wash the deceased.
    1. One member of the family is welcome to join the volunteers as well.
  5. Speak with the Imam to set a time for the Janaza prayer.
  6. Following the Janaza prayer, the body will be transported to the graveyard located at 100 Dewitt Farm Road, Morgantown, WV, 26508.
  7. The deceased will be buried, and a prayer will be conducted for them there.


  1. The funeral home you choose (or the one we offer) will have their own listed price.
    1. Smith Funeral & Cremation Care offers free services in the case of infant death.
  2. The cost of a grave spot is $1,000.
    1. Payment plans and waivers are available to those who can show need.


  1. The deceased must have been a known Muslim.