Prayer Times

Before registering for Friday Prayer, please note that: (لقراءة ترجمة المكتوب، اضغط هنا)

1- You have to familiarize yourself with the regulations detailed on the homepage.

2- You have to register every week. We will open the registration every Tuesday at 5:00 PM until we reach the maximum capacity. 

3-We highly recommend that you come 5 minutes before the Khutba. That will help us start the Khutba on time.

4- Worshippers have to leave the Masjid IMMEDIATELY after the Salah to prepare the Masjid for the next Khutba.

5- Please, make sure to register for one Khutba only. If we saw your name on two different Khutbas, we will remove you from both.

6- Registering early for the Khutba will allow us to open more Khutba if needed.


Look at the above picture before clicking on the registration link

Click Here to register for the Khutba

Daily Adhan Times are below, Iqmah times are:

Fajr – 30 mins after Adhan
Duhur – 10 mins after Adhan
Asr – 10 mins after Adhan
Maghrib – 10 mins after Adhan
Isha – 10 mins after Adhan