Prayer Times

  • Before registering for Friday Prayer, please note that: (لقراءة ترجمة المكتوب، اضغط هنا)

1- You have to familiarize yourself with the regulations detailed on the homepage.

2- You have to register every week. We will open the registration every Tuesday at 5:00 PM until we reach the maximum capacity. 

3-We highly recommend that you come 5 minutes before the Khutba. That will help us start the Khutba on time.

4- Worshippers have to leave the Masjid IMMEDIATELY after the Salah to prepare the Masjid for the next Khutba.

5- Please, make sure to register for one Khutba only. If we saw your name on two different Khutbas, we will remove you from both.

6- Registering early for the Khutba will allow us to open more Khutba if needed.

1st Khutba by Imam Kip (In English)  [1:30 – 1:45]  ==> Click here

2nd Khutba by Anas Ghabra (In English) [1:55 – 2:10] ==> Click here

3rd Khutba by Ibrahim Alwarfali  (In Arabic) [2:20 – 2:35] ==> Click here