First General Body Meeting

Salam brothers and sisters,

In sha Allah we will have our first general body meeting for the whole community on Sunday December 12th 6PM-9PM as well as our first community dinner after the pandemic. The event will be held in the indoor facilities of Mylan Park (same facility where we had Eid Elfiter in the indoor basketball).

A fancy Turkish food would be provided, catering by Istanbul Restaurant in addition to Turkish sweets.

This event is an excellent opportunity for the community to get together, eat, chat, share comments, and have good time.

Also, we still have the monthly community day this coming Sunday December 5th in the masjid between Maghreb and Isha. Pizza will be provided and we will have a lecture by imam Vajid at 7PM.

Finally, the youth program will be on this Sunday, December 5th, 5PM-6PM and eating pizza with social activity 6PM-7PM.

I hope the community will enjoy in Sha Allah.

Moustafa Meky
The ICM president