Five Pillars Academy Now Open

Salam brothers and sisters,

Muslim youth today face an unprecedented dilemma. They are bombarded with all sorts of anti-islamic information both in school and online. What’s worse is that they often have to navigate through all of this without the proper tools they need to know right from wrong.

The Islamic Center of Morgantown is proud to present “Five Pillars Academy.” We aim to create a safe and exciting learning environment for our youth. Our goal is to develop smart and proud Muslim youth with a strong Islamic identity.

We will meet two days a week: Every Saturday and Tuesday from 7PM to 8PM. Both days are not mandatory and they are welcome to join us for just one.

This program is open to all teenagers 13+. Here is the registration link:

We welcome all our parents to bring their teenagers to join us at the masjid:

Please share and spread the word!