Upcoming Visit From Imam Hakim

Salam brothers and sisters,

The ICM is pleased to have Imam Abdul Hakim Dickenson from the Pittsburgh Area, who is visiting our community this coming Wednesday, August 11 until Friday August 13.

Imam Hakim has degrees in Islamic Studies and has served as an imam in many Islamic centers in both Canada and the United States. He has also served as a professor of Islamic Studies in different Islamic Schools.

Imam Hakim will kindly host the following program in the masjid:

1. Lecture in English on Wednesday August 11, between Maghreb and Isha
2. Lecture in English on Thursday August 12, between Maghreb and Isha
3. Leading the Friday Prayer on Friday, August 13 and the speech will be in English.

Let’s welcome Imam Abdul Hakim and gain some of his knowledge.

Moustafa Meky
The ICM President