Activities This Week

Salam brothers and sisters,

The ICM activities for this coming week:

Sunday Nov. 14th, after Zuhor prayer

  • Quran Halqa for the brothers all ages by Sh. Ahmed Mashta

Monday Nov. 15th

  • 7PM-8PM Lecture by imam Vajid

Tuesday Nov. 16th

  • 7PM-8PM Lecture by Dr. Mohammed Iqbal, a visiting professor from Pakstain

Wed Nov. 17th

  • 7PM-8PM Lecture by imam Vajid

Friday Nov. 18th

  • 6PM-8PM MYM social activity with a short lecture by imam Vajid
  • 8:15PM-9:30PM Halqa for both brothers and sisters by Dr. Abou Amin

Important Notes

  • Please do not park your car in the parking lots of the Chinese restaurant, IHOP, and the bank on Fridays to avoid towing. Please park in our designated parking lots.
  • The sisters upstairs prayer hall will be devoted for the sisters only during Friday prayer and all other times to give them privacy.
  • Please don’t bring any donations items of any kind to the masjid before getting a permission from Br. Gebrel to avoid throwing them in the dumpster.
  • Please make sure the kids are accompanied and supervised by their parents especially Friday all time to avoid distractions to ongoing activities and/or lecture.

Moustafa Meky
The ICM president