Volunteer Opportunity during Ramadan

Salaam sisters,
The masjid needs volunteers (sisters) to check sisters’ temperatures, wearing masks and socks before let them inside the top floor of the masjid during the whole month of Ramadan for Isha and Taraweeh. Also, the kids under 10 years old won’t be able to enter the masjid because of the limited space and to enforce the 6ft distancing policy for entering and exiting the hall, and sitting only on the marked spots in the hall.
Any sister who is interested to be a volunteer could text her name to imam kIp (334) 207-0270or Br. Moustafa 571-214-3287.
Also, the sisters who are planning to attend the masjid in Ramadan need to register their names to give us an idea about the number to accommodate the sisters. You could reach the above-mentioned names for registration.
Also, the sisters are welcomed and encouraged to share their suggestions and comments before the masjid finalizes the plan a month ahead of Ramadan. May Allah accept all our deeds